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Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening procedure?

Teeth that require regular care have significant effects on human health and are also esthetically highly valuable. According to research, the teeth attract the attention of the other person at the first meeting and give the first impression. Yellowed teeth that give an unhealthy and bad appearance cause the first impressions to be negative. This causes the person to feel bad. Therefore, teeth whitening procedures are applied nowadays in many places and these procedures are carried out regularly.

What are Teeth Whitening Methods?

Although teeth whitening procedures are generally applied at home by natural methods, the most effective solution is performed by physicians as an aesthetic operation. With these operations where advanced methods are used, more permanent solutions are obtained in a shorter period. Tooth whitening procedure is easy and unproblematic, can be applied in two different ways.

In the Power Bleaching method, which is known as the most preferred and practical method, the teeth are treated with gel and light. With this procedure, the color of the teeth are lightened up to 3-4 shades.

In Home Bleaching method, a mouthpiece is prepared special to individual. This mouthpiece contains teeth whitening gels. It takes 1 week to take effect.

Who can benefit from Tooth Whitening procedure?

Tooth whitening procedure, which is an easy and reliable operation, is not recommended by physicians especially to pregnant women, breastfeeding women and people under 16 who have not completed their teeth development. In addition, people with gum disease or different dental problems should complete the necessary treatment before application.

Things to Consider After Teeth Whitening Procedure

As with any dental operation, although it is an aesthetic procedure, some points should be paid attention after tooth whitening. For this reason, hot and cold products should not be consumed after the procedure and sugar foods that harm the teeth should be avoided. Foods that are particularly colorant can quickly eliminate the effect of the procedure and damage the teeth that are in a sensitive state. Those who are undergone the procedure should comply with these restrictions without exception for about 10 days. In addition, alcohol and smoking will also have negative effects, so that these products should not be consumed for a

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