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Sapphire Tech

Sapphire Method in Hair Transplantation

Today, FUE technique is still widely used. In addition, more practical and advantageous methods emerge. Sapphire method, which is one of them, provides convenience for doctors in hair transplantation and easy healing for patients. What makes this method special is the knives. Made from sapphire, these blades provide comfort in channelization operations. Before applying the sapphire method, patient’s expectations and disease history are learned in detail.

Local anaesthesia is performed, grafts are collected and hair transplantation is commenced. Although the steel blades used in the classical FUE method are effective, they extend the healing time slightly because they open larger channels than sapphire blades. Sapphire blades are robust and high quality materials, and they never lose their sharpness. It also opens smaller channels.

Advantages of Sapphire Method

In the sapphire method, the channels can be opened smaller, allowing more frequent and close processing. In other words, it does not damage other hair follicles. It also provides a more controlled operation as it reduces vibration during the incision.

This shortens the long healing time caused by tissue damage. It provides deep penetration to the roots thanks to its sharpness and pointedness. This helps to achieve successful results even in patients with advanced hair loss. Since the incisions are smoother, the stage after hair transplantation is more comfortable for the patients. Blades in sapphire method are more smooth and used sterile. In this way, it has no negative effect on blood circulation. The hair follicles cling to their new places better because there is no deterioration in the tissues.

The blades, which allow frequent and close planting, provide the amount of hair according to the patient’s wishes. In addition, planted hair, gives a very natural appearance. Sapphire blades use less subcutaneous liquid injections than metal blades. Thus, it prevents the formation of scars on the skin and protects against infection. Almost every method is effective in hair transplantation. However, those who are perfectionists and aesthetics prefer to use the Sapphire method.

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