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What is nose aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)?

Nose aesthetics, also known as rhinoplasty, is an operation preferred by people with noses that do not look visually aesthetic, such as low nasal tip or large nostrils. Although there is no age limit in this surgery to correct the deformity of the nose, it is recommended to be performed on children when the bone and cartilage development stops. Based on the child’s psychology and bone development, rhinoplasty can be performed even at the age of 7 years.

How does the nose aesthetics process take place?

Surgery performed with general anesthesia is planned individually for each patient. Almost one of the most performed surgery types, nose aesthetics is not easy, contrary to popular belief. The operation takes approximately 3 hours. Duration varies depending on the current condition of the nose and the procedure to be performed.

The desired nose shape can be explained to the doctor, but because each face is different from each other, the models considered often may not look as you would imagine. Rhinoplasty required regular follow ups at 1st month, 3rd Month, 6th Month and 1st Year. Although the nose changes according to the doctor, it looks as realistic as possible.

How is the healing process of nose aesthetics?

Following the nose aesthetics, pain, swelling, edema and bruises may occur on your nose for a while. The bruises and swellings return to their original state within 10 days. But edema can last up to 3 months. Depending on the type of surgery, a small scar may remain on the cut side of the nose. The scar may disappear or reduce depending on the healing process. In nose aesthetics performed with closed technique, no scar remains outside the nose. The most important problem in rhinoplasty surgery is related to sense of smell. Decreased sense of smell for a short time is normal. However, if the mucosa becomes stuck in a small area depending on the location of the cut, large problems can occur later in the sense of smell.

What should be taken into consideration for rhinoplasty?

A few things need to be considered after having a nose surgery. Blood thinners should not be used for a while, head should be kept high with a pillow as high as possible while lying, head should not be touched for a while in order prevent from getting the plaster protecting the nose wet. Sports should not be done for a while, teeth should not be brushed hard because of the effect on the base of the nose, physical activities should be avoided for 10 days, traumas should be avoided, heavy sports should not be done for at least 3 weeks. Also, glasses should not be used for a while to prevent pressure on the nose bridge. Proper diet and plenty of sleep accelerates the healing process after rhinoplasty by a certain amount.

Without rhinoplasty, the nose can be corrected by methods such as nose filling, nasal tip botox and nasal lifting by rope. But each of these involves minor problems in itself.

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