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What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a kind of an aesthetic medical procedure, also known as the beauty pistol, which was introduced in the 1960s. Helps to improve sagging, relaxation and wrinkles by giving herbal remedies to certain parts of the body under the skin. Mesotherapy procedure can be applied in two ways. These methods are: Needle treatment and more the preferred needle-free method.

Needle-free application is a simpler and painless method for those who are afraid of needles and who have skin problems. The product is injected into the skin by using pressure, thus creating a strengthening and revitalizing effect. Bio-strengthening and revitalization of the skin is provided by the product under the skin. The drug then supports collagen production under the skin and provides a strong lifting effect, allowing the skin to repair itself. Triggers new collagen production. Performs biological stimulation in cells. The main goal is to make the skin look better, brighter, healthier thanks to vitamins and plant extracts.

What is mesotherapy used for?

Mesotherapy can be preferred by men and women of all ages. Mesotherapy is preferred in cases of dullness of skin, sports injuries, dark circles under eyes, under-eye bags, weight loss, blemishes, fine lines, allergies, skin aging, stretch marks, hair treatment, scars, and when feeling haven’t slept even though slept sufficiently.

It can also be used for cellulite, regional adiposity, hair loss, scar revision and facial rejuvenation. Needle-free mesotherapy may be preferred for those who are afraid of needles.

Mesotherapy is an application that should not be performed on patients with blood clotting problems, had paralysis episodes, with diabetes, breastfeeding mothers, have any allergy to the materials to be used, urticaria patients, cardiac patients, cancer patients, having multi-drug treatment and pregnant women.

After applying mesotherapy, blood-diluting drugs should not be used, water should not touch the area where it is applied for at least 15 hours, should not do actions forcing the body for 2 days and should not take bath or do makeup for 1 day.

Advantages of mesotherapy

Although the benefits of mesotherapy vary depending on the individual, it is visibly noticeable in 2-3 sessions in general. It has no harm, only when needle mesotherapy is done, short-term bruises and traces of injections can be observed in the region. Needle-free mesotherapy is completed in a shorter time and has the property of moisturizing the skin. It is specially prepared for those with skin problems. It can be applied on all skin types. Because it is easy, it can be preferred by those who want to feel more radiant on special occasions and feel good.

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