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Hollywood Smile

What is Hollywood Smile Design?

The term Hollywood Smile Design has entered our literature in recent years and has quickly become one of the most preferred operations.

The well-kept and white teeth, combined with a beautiful smile, make the person extremely attractive. Especially for the first impressions, the focus of the people being around the mouth, emphasizes how important is the beauty of the teeth. In recent years, it has been discovered that the beauty of Hollywood stars and the secret of this beauty are hidden in their smiles, thanks to all communication channels, especially social media. With the aesthetic operation that has become a trend and called Hollywood smile design, many people have the opportunity to crown their smile with perfect teeth.

Features of Hollywood Smile Design Application

Hollywood smile design, in which aesthetic operation skills as well as technology and art elements, the aim is to make teeth, lips and gums perfect as a whole. Therefore, smile design starts with four basic points. These basic points are healthy teeth, symmetrical lips, healthy gums and smile arc proportional to teeth.

What are the stages of Hollywood Smile Design?

White teeth are sometimes not enough alone for a beautiful and healthy smile. Teeth, lips, gums and smile arc should be available as a whole. Surely, in addition to being a medical procedure, the aesthetic application, which is also described as artistic, firstly the preliminary preparation is made.

When starting the Hollywood Smile Design process, a person’s teeth structure is examined in detail and the symmetry of the appropriate teeth structure is determined according to the shape of the face. Then, other applications are started according to the need.

A common aesthetic practice, porcelain coating is often used in Hollywood smile design. In this application, which is especially preferred by people who have yellowed, broken or intermittent teeth, porcelain coating is made without changing the existing tooth structure. Then, the whitening process, which is one of the most important elements of a perfect smile, is applied. In addition, if there is a mismatch between the gum and the tooth, they are removed and the desired result is achieved.

Smile design enables the shape of a half moon or moon around the mouth with this operation that shapes teeth for a beautiful smile. In this way, the person becomes younger and more attractive.

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