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What is face lifting?

Facelift is a facial rejuvenation surgery performed by people who are aging or who are getting old but feel young. Increased self-confidence and desire to live longer occurs in people who have undergone the surgery. It is possible to correct the new wrinkles without surgery in the face lifting process.

Personalized treatment tightens the skin, gains smoothness and triggers collagen production, which has decreased production over the years.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

How is the face lifting operation performed?

The person who wants to have a face lifting done is first anesthetized with general anesthesia. Excess skin is removed, the muscles, fat and nerve tissue of the face that forms the dangling tissues are removed, facial tissue is strengthened. The procedure takes an average of 5 hours depending on the operation. Factors such as age, gender, and facial condition that vary according to the person, reduce or shorten the duration. After this procedure, even if you do not need it again anymore, you can again undergo a face lifting operation after 10 years, depending on the rate of normal aging.

The patient is discharged on the 2nd day after the operation is completed. The sutures on the face and eyelids are removed within 1 week. Metal sutures are removed within 10 days. There may be a slight pain on the face, but the pain is alleviated or eliminated completely thanks to the medications given. This process, which makes the patient for approximately 15 years younger, may leave a slight scar on the front and back of the ear, which becomes lighter and take the color of skin in time.

How to prepare for face lifting surgery?

Before undergoing the face lifting surgery, should not smoke for at least 3 weeks prior, should not use medication such as vitamin E and similar, should not drink herbal tea and should not use blood-thinning medicines Since the face does not settle for 3 weeks after the operation, the glasses cannot be used and hair cannot be dyed for 1 month.

Leaving hair long will be a good solution to hide the incision wounds. After the face lifting operation, bruises and swellings diminish within 3 or 4 weeks and disappear completely. Work can be returned to in as little as 2 weeks, but heavy work should be avoided for a short time. Alcohol, steam bath and sauna should not be used for at least a few months. Sunscreen should be used regularly.

Bleeding, infection, residual scars, nerve damage and hair loss are the risks of face lifting surgery. However, if you work with a physician who does a good job, your risk of experiencing such situations is considerably reduced. Aging, weight loss or weight gain, sun baths are the factors that can affect the face.

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