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What is Cheek Aesthetics?

Cheek aesthetics, also known as Bichectomy and Hollywood cheek operation, colloquially is losing weight from the cheeks. It is an aesthetic form practiced especially by Hollywood celebrities. Cheek aesthetics is done on the faces that are angular and with ample fat pads, shortly a process to make it triangular. The facial features of the people who have this process done generally appear more characteristic and younger.

Since our facial shape is very important, some people may want the golden proportion (cheek, chin and other parts of the face being in a certain measure). Cheek aesthetics only target the fat pads. It does not leave any visible damage or marks on the face.

A custom measure is created for the individual and applied. The whole process is about removing the fat pads. This procedure, which lasts approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour, is performed with local anesthesia. It is a process with very minimal rate of problems. The most important detail in this seemingly simple procedure is the knowledge and experience level of the surgeon performing the operation. A good surgeon should be employed to ensure that the sutures are not disturbing the patient later. This process, usually performed on the women between 20 and 30 years of age, stands out as transforming larger than normal faces into looking more attractive than the real age.

Is cheek aesthetics only for women?

Cheek aesthetics are not only for women. The same procedure can be done on men by slightly differentiating. Thus, men can likewise have more attractive and beautiful facial features. Individuals whose face are saggy and bad looking due to weight gain a huge self-confidence after having cheek aesthetics performed.

There are only a few things that need attention after the operation. On the first day after the cheek aesthetic operation, only liquid foods should be consumed as there is a suture in the whole area of the mouth. In the following days, normal eating habits can be returned to. The mouth should be cleaned with mouthwash for the first few days so that the stitches can remain sterile.

The stitches dissolve within a few days. Patients who do not feel pain may even forget that they have stitches in their mouths. They can return to their daily work after the operation. The length of time for the face to settle is not certain, but may vary from 1 week to 4 months. When the time expires, the desired face is formed.

Is it risky to have cheek aesthetics?

Like any operation, there are risks that are almost too small to occur in cheek aesthetics. The risk is minimized thanks to the medications given to avoid problems inside the cheek. There are no problems regarding age. Anyone can undergo the operation, but it is not recommended for people under the age of 18 unless required.

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